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Looking to be a Part of a Changing Valuation Profession in Australia-Look to Rics

Situated near the village of Bray-on-Thames just one mile downstream from Maidenhead and accessed only by a walkway, boat or helicopter is Monkey Island and the historic Monkey Island hotel which is an elegant property valuations sydney comprising 26 bedroom suites and a 90 cover restaurant, all with views of the island’s surrounding gardens.

Dating back two centuries, both the island and hotel have an interesting history starting with the island’s name which derived from the earlier title of Monks Eyot, indicating that monks once used the Island in association with their fisheries. In 1723 Charles Spencer, the 3rd Duke of Marlborough purchased the Island. The Duke erected two buildings on the island described as a fishing lodge and fishing temple. The lodge (now the Pavilion) still remains today in its original state. By 1840 the Pavilion had become a riverside Inn, which could be reached by ferry from the south bank. Visitors have been staying in various parts of the building ever since. The Al Habtoor Group acquired the island in 1999.

The hotel features six conference rooms varying in size and with capabilities for video conferencing which, along with the bedrooms suites can be hired for the day as part of the hotel’s exclusive corporate package. Both the hotel and its island setting are ideal to facilitate conference meetings, meals, and leisurely activities. Monkey Island may also be hired for weddings, again offering exclusive use of all 26 bedroom suites, all reception rooms and approximately five acres of beautiful riverside grounds.


Who Else Wants To Be Successful With property valuers

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