When there is intense need for working with the buyer’s agent?

The Barker Review has failed to consider VAT policy as a means of revitalising housing supply, according to the Federation of Master Builders (FMB). After analysing the number of empty homes in the UK, the FMB suggests that there are sufficient homes, not currently occupied, to meet annual requirements for new housing for the next two decades. A reduced rate of VAT for repair, maintenance or improvement (RMI) work would encourage property owners to rehabilitate empty or non-decent properties. We are now calling for the Government to take into consideration the need to reduce VAT as part of its policy to secure a steady stream of housing in the UK. The FMB estimates that over 700,000 homes are currently empty and as many as 7 million properties are in need of refurbishment and are failing to provide people with a decent home.

Real Estate PropertyAlthough new homes enjoy zero-rated VAT, property owners are not encouraged to carry out RMI work because it is charged at the full rate of 17.5%. T & T Building Services of Swindon have been expelled from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB). The decision to terminate their membership was made at the Federation of Master Builders South West Regional Complaints Committee. The company, which operates in the Swindon area, did not appeal against the decision. The conduct of this firm was well below the standards required whilst carrying out repairs and maintenance on domestic properties, and not consistent with the standards expected of a member of the FMB.

The FMB has advised Trading Standards Offices in Wiltshire of its decision. The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) Scotland announced that it has expelled a company from membership for bringing the FMB into disrepute. John McIntyre Joinery & Building of Grangemouth was removed from the FMB’s register of vetted builders on 6 April 2004. Buying New Home with Buyer’s Agent The FMB wrote to John McIntyre Joinery & Building on a number of occasions following a serious complaint from a customer.

However the builder consistently ignored all FMB correspondence and his case was finally taken to the Scottish Complaints Committee, made up of 2 FMB members and 3 independent arbiters; including a trading standards officer, a solicitor and a quantity surveyor. The finding of the Complaints Committee was that John McIntyre was guilty of conduct prejudicial to the good standing of the Federation and that he should have his membership terminated immediately. John McIntyre did not appeal to the National Complaints Committee within the 7 days allowed by FMB rules.